3,600-Square-Mile Coral Reef Discovered in the Amazon River

Coral Reef pic
Coral Reef
Image: mirror.co.uk

The chief executive of AmCorp Realty Corporation, Ben Willingham facilitates the leasing and management of prime real estate in Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Ohio. An avid traveler, Ben Willingham has explored the Amazon River.

A report published in the scientific journal Science recently revealed the discovery of a massive coral reef in the Amazon River. Occupying 3,600 square miles along South America’s continental shelf, the coral reef begins at French Guiana and stretches all the way to Maranhao in Brazil.

The consistency of the coral reef surprised scientists, as large rivers usually have gaps in the distribution of coral due to harsh pH, light penetration, and salinity conditions.

The study also reported discovering 73 fish species, many of which were carnivorous, and large colonies of sponges and coral creatures that thrived in low-light waters. Reef critters were densely populated at the south of the reef where light penetrated more, while the widest spectrum of sponges could be found up north where light penetration was at its lowest.

The discovery was made by a team of environmental scientists from the University of Georgia and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.